Life as a SEP2 Apprentice

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Life as a SEP2 Apprentice

SEP2 have always believed apprenticeships are crucial to help close the skills gap in the tech industry. As a company who are tech driven and people powered, we are dedicated to bringing young people into this sector to help teach and nurture them, ensuring they get a great start to their career. Here we have spoken with some current apprentices at SEP2 from our Tech team and apprentices who have almost completed their apprenticeship to gain some insight on their time with SEP2 whilst doing an apprenticeship.

Sergejs Antonovs
James M sitting at a desk in the SEP2 office posing for his headshot
Alex sitting at desk in the SEP2 office posing for his headshot
Dylan Hearn

What apprenticeship are you studying?

Sergejs: Cyber Security apprenticeship

James: IT Technical Salesperson: Level 3

Alex: Cyber Security Technologist (Level 4)

Dylan: BCS Level 4 Cyber Security Technologist 

How long is the apprenticeship?

Sergejs: 2 years

James: 18 Months

Alex: 24 Months

Dylan: 2 years

How long do you have until completion?

Sergejs: One year and 2 months

James: 2 Months

Alex: Around 5-6 months

Dylan: 6 months

SEP2 employees talking in a meeting room

Before you joined SEP2, what was you opinion of apprenticeships?

Sergejs: I thought that an apprenticeship is a great opportunity to get a working knowledge and earn while you learn.

James: Before joining SEP2 I had already completed an apprenticeship at a previous organisation. Through this I had a great experience, additionally, the value of learning the role whilst also understanding the basics through on-the-job learning, was a great starting point.

Alex: Apprenticeships looked like a good way to learn. I always struggled in a classroom environment so learning on the job was definitely an attractive offer since the way I learned best was always by doing.

Dylan: Before starting my own apprenticeship at SEP2, I always thought that apprenticeships had the potential to provide more value than the standard forms of education such as college/university due to the ability to be learning and working at the same time.

What is your view on apprenticeships now?

Sergejs: An apprenticeship is an excellent way of gaining essential experience and also a recognised qualification.

James: Still really good. I am thoroughly enjoying my apprenticeship at SEP2 and looking forward to completing it.

Alex: My view of apprenticeships now is even better than before, learning on the job is really helpful (especially in this industry) there’s so much to learn from colleagues. The freedom of how you learn is also great, as whatever style suits you can work towards your apprenticeship. With 20% off the job time, you can ensure your apprenticeship work is completed within work hours rather than spending your own time working towards completion. Honestly, the style of learning is really great and I love it.

Dylan: I believe that apprenticeships are incredibly valuable, the courses and training I do in my apprenticeship make it easier for me to do my job and as a result, makes it a joy to learn new things.

Paul (left) and Alex (right) sat at a table having a discussion

How have SEP2 helped you along the way?

Sergejs: SEP2 have an excellent and experienced technical team, who is always ready to help.

James: SEP2 have been amazing at working alongside me to help go through the new challenges I have faced as I have progressed through the role.

Alex: SEP2 provided a lot of initial training and a lot of support from the team along the way. SEP2 also are and have been willing to help me grow, through funding training, exams, and help from everyone at the company. Everyone here is genuinely kind, helpful and always happy to help.

Dylan: SEP2 gives me a helping hand in every step through my apprenticeship, from technical help from colleagues to HR helping me with my next steps through the use of 1 to 1 meetings.

What has doing an apprenticeship taught you?

Sergejs: Doing my apprenticeship has helped me to improve my
problem-solving and technical skills.

James: Lots! It has been great starting point from both the
Sales side and from learning about the Cyber Security Industry, something that
was originally very unknown to me.

Alex: Doing an apprenticeship has taught me the value of
learning on the job and experience.

Dylan: Time management and giving yourself a clear and
concise goal is the most important way to stay productive when working and training at the same time.

What have you enjoyed most about your apprenticeship?

Sergejs: Working alongside industry professionals

James: Speaking to, getting to know, and building partnerships with people that if not in this role I would probably never speak with.

Alex: Getting to know all the staff here at SEP2, but passing exams is also a great feeling!

Dylan: I can see that each course and training session I do is directly progressing my career and it makes me excited for the future.


What are your next steps?

Sergejs: My next goal is to complete my apprenticeship and continue my career in the same job role within a company

James: My next step following this apprenticeship is to progress to a full time SEP2 Business Development Manager.

Alex: Finishing my portfolio for my apprenticeship and getting finished!

Dylan: After completing my Level 4 apprenticeship I think I have the option to stay on at SEP2 in my current role or to push towards a Level 6 apprenticeship, however at the moment I am still unsure as to which way I want to go.

If you could offer one piece of advice to a new apprentice, what would it be?

Sergejs: Just do it.

James: Get any coursework or portfolio done early to help balance your work and study time.

Alex: Remember to book off the job time for learning, keep up with coursework and ask for help if you need it.

Dylan: Manage your time properly, always know what tasks you have for that day and make sure your 20% off-the-job is booked off on your calendar every week. 

We have also recently published a blog written by Digital Marketing Apprentice, Tom, about his experience looking for and starting an apprenticeship with SEP2. If you are interested in undertaking an apprenticeship with SEP2 in any of our departments, head over to the Join Our Team page for more info.

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Kieron sitting at a desk in the SEP2 office posing for his headshot


Central Response Team Manager

Kieron has been with SEP2 since 2019 and works in our support team.

For Kieron, there is no typical day at SEP2, for one day he can be working through open tickets, another day you could be working on a priority case for the duration of the day, and another day you could be working on an ongoing project, but what Kieron enjoys is that the mix of challenges keeps the role fresh and interesting.

Kieron likes that within the support team everybody works well together, and shares knowledge between every level and are constantly being encouraged to learn.

In his spare time, Kieron’s current favourite hobby is working on his allotment, which gives him a nice change of scenery and a break from technology.