Mike, a company director, sitting at a desk in the SEP2 office using his laptop smiling at the camera



Mike, one of the Directors of the business, has been with SEP2 since the very beginning. No day is the same for Mike, which is something he enjoys, especially working in an industry that is at the cutting edge of tech and is becoming more and more mainstream. Mike wears many hats at SEP2, officially he works in our Technical Presales and Marketing teams, but every day is also involved in service delivery, tech escalations, and he is also an Account Manager with his own customer accounts! Every day at SEP2 for Mike is different, some days he will be woken up at 4am to assist a customer on a P1 call, or he could be working independently on a new service specification or replying to tender requests. One of Mike’s inspirations is Richard Branson because of his passion for employee value, a couple of his favourite quotes are: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to” and “I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers and that people flourish when they are praised.” Outside of work, Mike also acts as tech support for his family and friends, so never really has a day off!

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Kieron sitting at a desk in the SEP2 office posing for his headshot


principle CYBER SECURITY engineer

Kieron has been with SEP2 since 2019 and works in our support team.

For Kieron, there is no typical day at SEP2, for one day he can be working through open tickets, another day you could be working on a priority case for the duration of the day, and another day you could be working on an ongoing project, but what Kieron enjoys is that the mix of challenges keeps the role fresh and interesting.

Kieron likes that within the support team everybody works well together, and shares knowledge between every level and are constantly being encouraged to learn.

In his spare time, Kieron’s current favourite hobby is working on his allotment, which gives him a nice change of scenery and a break from technology.